The New Calumet Art Center in the Big Green Church!




Smoke Fire, August 2015

The Calumet Art Center just got a wonderful new kiln!


The Calumet Art Center was thrilled to host Barbara Flanagin and assist her in her creation of the new mural for the Calumet Township Office.

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U.P. Artist Jane VanEvera, 2015.

Donate $10 to the Calumet Art Center and receive a cotton tote bag with our new logo below:

Calumet Art Center Tote Bags 2015

For more information on upcoming classes and events:

Old Mission Twiner Teri Gray

Old Mission twiner Teri Gray-Keenan

enjoys twining a rug while streaming movies.

Teri is the daughter of Ed Gray.

“The Bridge” Pit Firing

Our latest pit firing bridged The End of 2014 with The Beginning of 2015. We started December 31 and continued on till January 1. in spite of the weather (or because of). A group of smiling faces project satisfaction of working with and keeping the heritage of the old ways alive. So, when the visibility outside returns, hop on the bus and head on over to see them in the gallery!

Pit Fire Bridge 5 F&V H&OJ Teri & Ed

Pit Fire Bridge 1

Pit Fire Bridge 8 F&V with drum

Pit Fire Bridge 6 pots

Pit Fire Bridge 7 pot emerging from the ashes

Ed with his pit-fired pots Dec 2014

Ed's pit fired pots Dec 2014 - 3

Ed with his pit-fired pots Dec 2014 -2

Last winter's snow bank smoke firing.

Last winter’s snow bank smoke firing.

“Art of the Outdoors”

Snow Bank Smoke Firing November 2014

Snow Bank Smoke Fire Winter 2014 2

Snow Bank Smoke Fire Winter 2014 4

Calumet Art Center Sign in Summer

The Calumet Art Center is a proud member of the Buellwood Fiber & Weavers Guild and Michigan Weavers Guild!

We are pleased to announce that we are members of the Buellwood Fiber & Weavers Guild. The Guild began with Dorothea Buellwood in Chassell, MI. Dorothea had 17 looms at her home and developed a 17 member weaving guild. It has been in existence since the early 1950’s and has varied in size between 15 and 20 members. They are happy to assist with answers to all who are interested in weaving, as their objective

Retired and Senior Volunteers Needed  The Calumet Art Center is looking for volunteers to help with our Youth Art Classes. Classes are held on Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Volunteers assisting at the Art Center may help welcome students, offer general support or office tasks. We are also looking for docents (tour guides) willing to attend a short workshop on the history of the Art Center’s building. All volunteers will be eligible to take classes at the Art Center on a variety of topics. Interested in helping out? Then call the RSVP office at 482-7382.

 Saturday Open Studio at the Calumet Art Center

YOUTH BOARD 006 Bring your art projects and materials and enjoy the space and camaraderie of like minded individuals. There is plenty of space! The hours are from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. and the cost for these hours is $10. 

Here are some great pictures of our GE students’ projects:

Lorri's Class pic2



Winter Raffle to Benefit Calumet Art Center Ongoing Programs

Two large clay vessels donated by the artist Ed Gray/Jikiwe, and valued at $950 each. There are 100 tickets available at $20 a piece. The drawing will be held on December 15.

This raffle will benefit the Calumet Art Centers’ ongoing programs.

This first vessel is entilted “Dragonfly”; it is 18″ tall and 15.5″ wide. The second vessel is called “Wild Rice” and is 22″ tall and 11.5″ wide.

Dragonfly Vessel Winter RaffleWild Rice Vessel Winter Raffle

Traditional Music from the Northwoods – Brian Miller & Randy Gosa

Scan (2)A native of the norther Minnesota logging town of Bemidji, Brian Miller teams up with Wisconsinite Randy Gosa to perform the Irish-influenced music of men who roamed the Great Lakes region in the days when pine was king. Miller and Gosa are both renowned in the Irish traditional music world for their work with top artists (including Bua and Myserk) in the US and Ireland. As a duo, they mix a passion for northwoods history and folklore with their finely honed approach to song-arrangement to bring this rich but under-explored music to life. Performance Date: October 17 Performance Time: 7:00 p.m. Ticket Price: $12 at the door For more background information and music go to These music videos will get you dancing:


Daniel House

Calumet Art Center Benefit with Daniel House and Dave Morehouse in Concert

Daniel House is a self-proclaimed “contemporary acoustic man”. He is a past member and president of the Paint Creek Folklore Society who performs a grand variety of mountain, folk and soft rock music. His focus is finger-style guitar and mountain dulcimer and says that he enjoys bringing Baby Boomers some “comfort music” and delivering it in a surprising form.

Dave Morehouse, well-known local multi-instrumentalist will be joining Daniel on stage. Dave’s passion includes, but is not limited to: mandolin, accordion, guitar, fiddle, and concertina. Dave feels that it is important to support the arts and has done so for several years.

Daniel & Dave’s generosity is greatly appreciated by all here at the Calumet Art Center!


Christine Seitz Returns!!

christine seitz

Christine Seitz has returned to the Calumet Art Center to offer her special  techniques in solo voice to young solo singers. Each young person has chosen a piece to practice with and this Saturday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. every student that took this class will perform a  recital. It is free and open to the public, so do come down to the Performance Hall and enjoy some wonderful singing by new up and coming talent!

‘Of Moose and Men’

Bull Moose Crossing by Bryan Kaster

Reliquary Mine Shaft by Ed Gray

Of Moose and Men

A new show at Michigamme Moonshine Art Gallery features art work by two artists:Bryan Kastar and Ed Gray.

Ed Gray employs traditional techniques to create exciting and beautiful clay pots and vessels. According to the artist, many contemporary potters are returning to these ancient methods for the unusual effects created by fire and smoke. “The Finished pot is always a surprise and cannot be duplicated” Gray says. “My work is primarily pit-fired. My pit is four foot across and three foot deep.”

The pit is filled with a variety of combustibles to create a smoky pattern of whites and darks on the surface of the clay. Gray’s knowledge of how fire interacts with the surface of the pot and the minerals found naturally in the ground allow him to manipulate and influence the general appearance of the art. Unique combinations of native minerals can be used to produce stunning red and blue-green hues bound into the pottery.

His work has been shown at the Smithsonian Museum and other prestigious venues. Much of Gray’s work connects to the natural world and teachings from his grandmother in Traverse City, MI where he was born and raised. Dragonflies, bears, and turtles are motifs that reflect his regard for storytelling, harmony, and the environment. Smaller pieces can serve as reliquaries for contemplation.

Gray, who has been producing art for sixty years, now is ready to ‘reach the torch’ to a new generation of aspiring artists. His recent efforts have been devoted to teaching and mentoring students from four to ninety-two. “For me, teaching is the most important thing to do” says Gray, “I want young people to learn and carry on the old traditions.”

Bryan Kastar’s newest paintings focus on wild animals in various settings. “I like to paint animals in their actual environment” Kastar explains, “That is where their personalities stand out.”

In keeping with his U.P. connections, Kastar has produced several paintings of moose.

“There is a certain majesty in a moose, a presence” the artists notes, “The animals that I have observed and photographed for this project were unafraid and unperturbed.” The project has given Kastar a fresh appreciation for moose: “I came to realize that they are very intelligent creatures.”

Kastar is a very deliberate and attentive painter. His compositions and concepts are carefully executed on a blank canvas where he strives to capture the feeling of his subjects.

The artist uses pure colors in a subtle way that gently elicits the feeling of wildlife. His paintings are conceived to tell a story by showing more than one aspect of his subject. “I want the viewer to be drawn in” Kastar says, “It’s my own way, and I hope people like it.”

Calumet Art Center in Collaboration with BHK

Great Explorations will Participate in the

“Empty Bowls” Project, 2012

Calumet Art Center Empty Bowls Project

The Empty Bowls Project is an international effort to fight hunger. This community based fund raiser is designed to create awareness of food insecurity and to generate income for local food pantries. The Calumet Art Center in collaboration with BHK Great Explorations is laying the ground work to host this project. Local craftspeople, potters and educators will handcraft bowls; which are then used for a meal of soup and bread for a $10 cash donation. Several groups including local youth will be involved in the decoration and glazing of the bowls. Guests of this meal are then encouraged to keep the bowls as a reminder of those who are struggling to put food on the table for their families. Members of both the Calumet Art Center and BHK Great Explorations Host Committee will determine the distribution of funds raised. ALL proceeds go to local organizations that alleviate hunger.

This project has made a dramatic impact in fighting hunger across the nation as well as in at least twelve other countries one community at a time. For more information about this project please contact the Calumet Art Center at (906) 934-2228, or email us

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