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Copper Bowl Making

U.P. Song by Carroll College Students









Today I was able to travel with the Calumet Art Center and all the rest of my Peers from Carroll University down to Buckys to smoke fire all of our wonderful pieces that we have made with clay – Tricia Snopek


Dani Jaeger, a student from our 2014 class did a wonderful presentation that we would like to share with you:



Tool making with materials found in nature.


Every year students line up to make their class t-shirts.


This year’s stencil, created by a new assistant to the program Brendan Keenan.

Students take turns helping Dr. Keenan prepare the evening feast.

feast prep

The outside cooking crew.


Here is the best place to find our materials.


There should be bonfires!


First day introduction to "Footsteps of Our Ancestors" course.

First day introduction to “Footsteps of Our Ancestors” course.

talking sticks

Clay works and tool making.

clay works 3

Dr. Deirdre Keenan professor of American Indian Studies at Carroll University and creator of the “Footprints of Our Ancestors” course.

Tool Works 2

Our very dedicated docents here at the Calumet Art Center Virginia and Felix Fournier.

Nelson's Copper Bowl Works 2

Cace is one of Nelsons co-supervisors at the Copper Bowl raising part of the “Footsteps of Our Ancestors” course.

Copper Bowl Works

Cace’s regal side view.

Tool Works

Jikiwe giving personal instruction to one of the students.








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