EVENTS at a Glimpse


Every first Friday the Calumet Art Center celebrates and invites you to take a look at what’s new, old or never done before creations that have taken place. Meet board members, see demonstrations, sign up for a class, 50/50 drawing, walk through the garden, open workshops, purchase items from our gallery and showroom.

A large variety of gifts, local art and pottery.
Celebrate with us each First Friday or stop by during business hours.

Inspire – Create – Communicate

Look for posters in your community.


Seed, plant swap
Bob Turner and Dawn Andersson look over some of the vegetables seed they have in their Calumet home. Turner and Andersson started Keweenaw Seed Swap and Plant Exchange in 2014 to offer gardeners access to seeds and plants they might not otherwise have.

 Free Seed Swap Saturday, April 14, 2018 (check the calendar for times)


The idea of the seed swap is to grow a group of gardeners dedicated to the development of locally adapted, open pollinated crops. As the World situation becomes more uncertain, and good food, if available, becomes more expensive, growing one’s own food is something that gives a feeling of some control over one’s destiny. It is a very satisfying and peace giving activity. Over the years of saving seed we can develop plants that grow extra well in our area, and share them with each other. At the swap the seeds are all free. All gardeners are welcome. If you have seeds to share, bring them, if not, come anyway, and
bring some seeds back next season. We can learn a lot from each other!

Free Plant Exchange Saturday, May 26, 2018 (check the calendar for times)


 The Plant exchange is geared to bring in your Perennial or Annual plant and exchange them for one in return.