Letter from the Executive Director, June 2010

Summer has brought exciting events and opportunities for the Art Center.  On June 18th at 6:30pm, we held our first annual membership meeting (we have already been here for year!), coupled with a silent art auction–one of the Center’s two big fundraisers for the year.  Artists had been extremely generous in donating their work for this event.

An Art Immersion Camp is being held on Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays, from July 5 through August 13.  Classes span the disciplines to include papermaking, pottery, weaving, jewelry, and others.  Youth and adults classes are being offered.

Planning and design of the raised garden beds has begun.  Many community groups will collaborate building the gardens in the space between the Art Center and the Episcopal church.  Excitement is  building for this project because it affords us the opportunity to build a community of people with  the Art Center as its focus .

All of this and new class offerings…….

Baamaa pii, Ed Gray

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