About Us

Calumet Art Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Calumet Art Center creates a rare integration of human creativity and scholarship that strengthens an appreciation of historic and cultural values and encourages varied modes of unique expression.

Our Purpose and Goals:

1. To be an integral part of educational offerings integrating math and science into the teaching of Art, History and Culture.

2. To maintain high standards for curating, scholarship and the Center’s programs by recruiting qualified personnel.

3. To maintain and enhance the Center’s facilities, preserving and maintaining its culture and history.

4. To maintain an interactive program of exhibitions and cultural activities for the Calumet Art Center’s public, heightening awareness and encouraging participation.

5. To seek cooperation with regional and extra-regional art centers.

6. To acquire, develop, preserve, and interpret a comprehensive and exemplary permanent collection of local art, maintaining the collection by developing strategies for attracting grants, donations, and gifts of art.



Calumet Art Center

Ed Gray,
Executive Director

Board of Directors

Kathie Dianda, 

Bonny Lynn,

Alyce Tossava Thorpe,   
Social Secretary

Beverly Rice,

Anna Ehl,

Iris Johnson,

Virginia Fournier,

Karena Schmidt,

Peggy Waara,





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